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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  August 28, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> shepard: 2:00 on the east coast. i'm shepard smith and this is fox news continuing coverage of now tropical storm irene. the national hurricane center updated irene's strength and direction and pressure. currently carrying maximum sustained winds of 60 miles an hour. so it is a tropical storm headed north northeast at now 26 miles an hour. the central pressure has risen to 970-millibars so it has gotten the low pressure has
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come up so the storm is weakening significantly. it is already blamed, though, for killing at least 14 people. and hours ago, a warning from officials the danger is not over. >> our number one message tore individuals and families up and down the eastern seaboard this morning is that we are not out of the woods yet. >> shepard: the homeland security secretary janet napolitano saying even if irene has already passed your community there could still be linkerring hazards in the northeast least because rivers are still rising and could see more flooding in the days ahead. the mayor of philadelphia says water leaflets that city already high and near record highs. this is the scene west of philadelphia. elsewhere more of the damage from eye ren's march up the coast. coming up here, bradley beach in new jersey. as in many locations along the coastline, trees here have come down, blocking many roads. on the atlantic city boardwalk
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crews are already assessing the damage. the tropicana casino took a bit of a pounding but nothing too serious. in the southern tip of manhattan what it looks like in battery park city hours ago. the water lapping over the sea . feels like the island of manhattan is recovering. >> reporter: sure does. these are some of the strongest wind gusts we have gotten all morning long. a lot of rain but not so much wind. now, the rain is coming from the note. the rain is kicking up making up white caps on the hudson river and new york harbor here. restore and recover mode is what the mayor it is calling this. saying that the evacuation order will be lifted for zone a where i'm standing here in battery park. staten island ferries will
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resume. bus service will slowly come back. the subways still shut down. but he says hey, every monday morning commute is hectic tomorrow should be no different minus the fact that there is no subway. >> shepard: wondering if there were any thoughts of trying to get those up and running before or after the evening rush tomorrow. that will be awful. >> reporter: it will be a nightmare. when they went ahead and announced they would be shutting down the subway service that was effective noon yesterday. took 8 hours to get the trains into safe locations. now, they will take them out and test them on the tracks. in fact, in one area, would you believe how hard it is blowing and this thing is not even here any more. anyway, in one of the tracks alock along the metro north railroad a mud slide fell on to it. a lot of the tracks are impassible at this point so they need to make sure they are safe enough before they allow the trains to go back on.
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>> shepard: looks like a lot of people are out and about down here? >> do you mind, lance, if we could push around. i want to show you actually. why don't you pan right. down here there are a lot of people. the mandatory evacuation order is still in effect and goes for the next hour and then gets lifted. as soon as high tide came down and rains stopped, people started coming out with their dogs. i saw one woman with a baby in a stroller. not sure what she was thinking. right now it is safe but there is still wind. the mayor talked about in the news conferences to stay away from parks. we are in battery park. also in central park. a lot of rain mean that the trees are very old and they could weigh down the branches and you can get injured by flying debris and branches that could come counter insurgency. many people killed in the storm were killed due to falling branches and unfortunately, in fact, one firefighter killed in new jersey after trying to rescue a trapped person. that is what happens when people don't heed the warnings.
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very unfortunate story out of new jersey. >> shepard: our local station fox 5 for new york is reporting the sixth highest recorded water level there ever. almost three feet above flood stage at one point. the lower tip of manhattan never became impassible, it was dodgy for awhile. our chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is live in the extreme weather center. winds still kicking up down there, rick? >> not just down there but places across boston seeing heavy winds. probably the strongest that they are seeing and they are not seeing any rain there either. the rain event done across the southeastern parts of new england but still very much rain falling across northern new england. big flooding concerns continue there and continue to point a little further south. take a look at how much rain across a wide swath of rain. the red is 4 to 8 inches of rain and a few areas where it was over 12. these are some of the storm totals. north carolina over 14 inches.
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ocean city maryland, over 12 inches. one of the areas hardest hit this month, shep, is philadelphia. 5.32 inches from the storm and over 18 inches in this month. wettest month they ever had. not the wettest august but the wettest month. the video coming out to us dangerous situations in the philadelphia area. the upper darby region. and streets turned inside rivers. we will be talking about a few of the rivers in the area of eastern pennsylvania and a lot of northern, new jersey, that are going to crest at record highs. we get a lot of flooding up a here and a lot of flooding that causes a lot of damage to areas in new jersey and area around the poconos and now some of the rivers will crest near or above their all-time records because of the amount of rain we have seen over the last month. that a barbecuin is a big conc. the flash flooding concerns continue. anywhere you see the dark color, the catskills up in
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towards th the adirondacks. residual flooding with continue for a number of area and then turn our eyes to the next storm. there is a jose. not going to have any impact on anybody except a little breezy in bermuda. that could have impacts for the eastern part of the u.s., not for a couple of weeks. we will have plenty of time to talk about it. >> shepard: watching your loop i guess of the infrared satellite loop and show there's is more rain coming. if you watch the last picture here, there is atlantic city. looks like new york city is going to get hit again on the backside of this thing. >> one last brand of rain that moves through from the storm. the win wheels, that cycle on through and move through the area, we have one last band that is moving through the philadelphia area right now. it will cut back through jersey and then back to new york city and a there will be a little bit of wind with that as well.
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as julie was seeing winds in the 20 to 30-mile an hour range. we will see more of that for the afternoon. >> shepard: i assume beyond you let me know, i haven't looked this up. usually the aftermath of a hurricane means dry and sunny and awesome day for the beach or the pool. >> if you can get to the beach and if your pool is clean youville a nice day on monday. monday, tuesday and wednesday looking nice across the eastern seaboard and they deserve it. >> shepard: rick reichmuth in the weather center. jonathan hunt has been down in one of the most flooded area in new york city. a bit of a barrier island that sits about 3 feet above sea level or so. jonathan our resident britton having a great harassmen hair . >> reporter: a lot of the residents who rode out the fierce storm coming down to take a look at what happened here on the ocean front. lot of people who fled the
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barrier island now have come back to check on their homes and what is going on down here. here is the good news. official from western county which is the western part of the island, no storm related deaths reported so far and no sirius injuries. that is the good news. across long island some 400,000 people without power and they are going new you to go through the assessment process. if you look out to the ocean here, shep, the waves still churning up as you can see. i can tell you that from 6:00 a.m. this morning it was a pretty extraordinary scene as the waves crashed against this boardwalk. there were fears at some points that parts of the boardwalk were going to collapse. they are still looking at any possible structural damage. what did happen is that the ocean came rushing underneath the boardwalk and you just go 50-yards out here. this is broadway and there is nothing to stop the water going through here. you can see on the left here an apartment building which is raised up on stilts.
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that one is safe but a lot of buildings, a lot of homes are at ground level and that is the bad news. there has been a great deal of flooding. i would say at the height we had something like two feet of water rushing across these parking lots, rushing across broadway there and into the homes that line the entire stretch of that road. so a lot of people are going to come back now and find out that they have a great deal of water damage. officials are going door to door now to try to assess exactly how widespread the damage is but a lot of people will haved that their lives badly disrupted on this. that is the bad news. on the good news, no is serious injuries reported, no storm related deaths. >> shepard: jonathan hunt live for us in long beach, new york. the governor of new york is speaking with our colleagues from fox 5 new york. speaking with the governor. let's listen. >> yesterday afternoon i was in new york city. last night, long island.
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this morning altamont at the dam, the new york power authority dam. and today i have been in mid hudson and i'm coming down to new york city and then i'm going be in long island. >> by the way, did you hear the evacuation zones will be lifted in about 50 minutes, folks can go back to the zones in new york city where they had the mandatory evacuation order? >> new york city, i ironically, i know a lot of the conversation the past few days has been about new york city but most of the damage we are talking about has been outside of new york city. it is long island, it it is upstate new york, the mid hudson. that is where we clearly the preponder arancance of the dame clearly is. >> you have a place in west
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chest evewestchester county. >> and obviously i stay in albany. both places. i have seen days -- >> shepard: well, the governor you's phone is breaking up. you were getting local stuff. that is the triburrough bridge, i believe. all the bridges seem to be open in and around new york city. that stat fox news corner of the world on the left-hand side of the screen there, 6th avenue right at 48th street in the heart of midtown at rockefeller center. for most of the morning and that is a look at the overview of times square. folks starting to come back in there. the road that runs to the left there is now a pedestrian mall if you haven't been in new york city a couple of years you would be astounded what mark bloomberg has done to it. you can't drive-thru there any more. the taxis are running and livery cab drivers running but
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all mass transportation still shut down so new york, hes will not be able to get out and about, at least today. now?se are pictures from where >> i'm told this isjersey but t on the outskirts. hoboken is a one square mile town with the largest concentration of bars within a one square mile. they have a lot of water over there. jersey city just south of there and a lot of flooding there as well. as you might expect in low-lying areas there is low lying flooding. this is wayne, new jersey, which is my understanding which is just down the coast.oong, fe as the tide has gone back out a lot of this flooding has subsided. the big picture is a good one but for individuals could be a difficult couple of days. 14 lives taken as this big storm went churning up the
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coast. trent city is about -- atlantic city is about to get wet. then ought to be a beautiful sunset over america's largest city. this is fox news channel's continuing coverage of the remnants of hurricane irene as it churns into new england and up into canada, eh. naturals from purina cat chow. delicious, real ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives. naturals from purina cat chow. share a better life. really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars.
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>> shepard: extreme weather center. 17 minutes past 2:00 eastern time. and gotten word from the new york stock exchange that all of their equipment is work and they hope to reopen tomorrow but waiting for word from the securities and exchange commission and the thinking is the markets will be open per regular tomorrow. this is the bull. this is the bull down on wall street with a play button in the middle and this is times square and a live look there as the sun is out. a little bit in new york city. though we are expecting rain here in the next 30-45 minutes or so. the worst of the damage as you may have heard the governor say just a little while ago is in the outskirts of new york city, upstate, inland and out on long island. andrew hardwick is the mayor of freeport on long island. just a bit farther south on the island from long beach. f you were are could keep going past long beach you get to freeport. a lot of rough pictures out of there. mr. mayor, good afternoon. how is your town?
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>> i'm doing quite well. just the wrong mayor up on your screen. i got hair and my head. what are you guys doing to me? >> shepard: i don't know what they are doing. is that the wrong one. everybody has worked a few hours out here as i know you have. how are things out in freeport. >> things are great. i really can't complain. just a short while ago, we had more than 4,000 customers out with power and now we understand we are 90% up. a ton of trees, power lines down, poles down. 4.5 feet of water in many of the streets on the southern side of town. so we have been hit pretty hard by that lady and i believe she is related to glory because she put a punch on us. >> shepard: gloria a storm that rolled through here in 1985 and sort of the bar for everybody. compared to gloria, what was your flooding like this time? >> surpassed in. in fact, i would say probably a little shy of a quarter of a mile beyond. and we got a ton of water in
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properties but thank god no loss of life so we can't complain. and i probably have one of the best -- beyond a reasonable doubt we have the best electric utility company on the planet. these guys are phenomenal. our entire crew of police, fire and all of the other folks that stood by the phones throughout the night, we love them. freeport is up and doing quite well. >> shepard: that is good to hear. i'm wondering from the looks of things as i was watching the pictures and we have some on the screens now looked as if some of your people are going to have serious water damage and there will be a lot of work to be done. >> i totally agree. a lot of work has to be done. this recovery is probably going to take us a couple of days but we are good at this. this isn't our first time, you know, working at this. we have really, really, really been on the ball with this throughout the year. so freeport will fare well.
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>> shepard: freeport tends to flood in a rough nor'easter. >> some of the roadways have been lifted, others have not. takes a ton of money to be able to do things like that. in fact, up until now i had an aed plus bond ratings with moodies. i had a surplus as well until this lady came along. >> shepard: a surplus is hard to find these days and i'm guessing this hurricane may have done a number on that. thank you very much. >> you as well, shep. i appreciate you. >> shepard: all the best to the folks in freeport and u up and down rhode island. this is the borough of queens. the docks and piers there have taken one heck of a beating jag live pictures coming in to us and looks like the docks here have taken a real beating. this is raw video that is feeding in. the live boats should come down. the confusing thing sometimes in the control room. sometime hass is coming down the line is a live camera and
11:22 am
sometimes what is coming down the line is actually some video that is feeding in. it is my understanding that was video and it is without question that the docks got beaten up a bit. consider a category one storm on the high end of it i guess at one point or another that had been a three. and that is the reason some of this storm surge was higher than a one might normally have been. it is like anything else, if you push water in the swimming pool the water goes out in ripples and if you keep pushing it keeps going in ripples and if you stop a it takes awhile for the ripples to become smaller and smaller. for a hurricane if you have a big spinner, 115 and 120-mile an hour winds and then begins to slow down the winds slow down more quickly than the water slows down so you get a big surge. the highest tide in a long time with the new moon out there this moring as the storm came rolling in. that storm surge did a number on some docks and the rest. more new video coming in from
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broad channel, new york, which is in the borough of queens and feeding down the lines now. these are pictures some folks have taken. a familiar scene across much of the region. trees down here and there. unedited video so it will be a little raw for you. i don't know if that water machine ended up there on dry land having come from the water but i think that is what the video sim plying. i know the water came ashore there. you can see on the bottom of the house there what looks like maybe a water line i'm not sure. i don't know exactly where this is being taken. still flooding in and around broad channel, new york. very low area and prone to flooding in very bad weather. to be quite frank the weather that we get around here that is the worst weather usually comes in the dead of winter. it is the storms that come in off the atlantic ocean sometimes just barreling up the seaboard and they are low pressure centers just like the hurricane is and that low
11:24 am
pressure center starts churning out there and brings the cold water ashore in the dead of winter and you will get some bad flooding. the docks and peers that we were showing you in broad channel and you can see that a number of boats didn't make it out too well and this piece of a dock didn't do too well either. maximum sustained winds at 60 miles an hour moving to the north, northeast at a fast clip, 26 miles an hour. it will be out of your way up there in boston and other parts of new england, burlington, vermont, is getting rained on now and tle go past and on into canada but not before atlantic city and in a few minutes new york city getting another brushing of the rain. these pictures are ones we have not seen before and we expect we will be getting a lot more of them especially in the low-lying areas in and around queens, brooklyn and other parts of long island and then others down the new jersey shore. coming up at 3:00, at the top of the hour, a lot of the
11:25 am
thoroughfares in new jersey will reopen and governor christie made it -- cristie made it clear he hopes they will be back up and running for the weekend. so important for business owners. it will be a long cold winter and that labor day break is a great one to get down the jersey shore. news conference from the pennsylvania duff. tom corbett is speaking now for an update on what happened in pennsylvania. let's listen. >> we will continue to do whatever is necessary as we move forward. i want to make a note that the vast majority of the people who are out there working whether they be working on the swift water boats, running ambulances, manning chainsaws, are volunteers and they have all come together and all dedicated a great deal of their time. they are probably getting pretty tired in many area and
11:26 am
the people of pennsylvania should be thankful for these volunteers and frankly i know that when it comes to emergency management and fire we need those volunteers. we really need the young people to start volunteering because i know we are losing a lot of our volunteer firemen as the population ages. and we can't do this without the volunteers at this point. and i want to thank those volunteers for what they have been doing. they are probably not going to see this but i would hope the people of pennsylvania who are being assisted would at least extend a note of thanks to these individuals. a short time ago i signed a letter to the president requesting emergency disaster assistance. i have asked president obama to declare an emergency for the commonwealth and specifically for the following counties. bucks. chester. delaware. lehigh, monroe. monthry.
11:27 am
north hampton, philadelphia. pike, wyoming. and wayne counties. now, that the rivers and creeks are beginning to crest, some of those crests will not take place for a little bit, particularly those in the southeast and the northeast we do anticipate flooding. so again, i'm calling upon individuals to use common sense. take a look at where you are going. if you are driving or walking and you see water, standing water or moving water, a flooded road, be careful. we probably don't know how deep that water is at that location, especially if you don't know the area. as director cannon said yesterday, the phrase is turn around, don't drown. that is what we want you to do. we have been fortunate to this point. only had three storm-related deaths confirmed here at the operations center. >> shepard: and 14 up and down the eastern seaboard.
11:28 am
the governor of pennsylvania discussing their problem there's. we are watching new video coming in from ho hoboken new jersey. the town, one square mile. this town directly across from i would say hell's kitchen or maybe even chelsea, i guess in the 30s in new york city, right ayos the h hudson river, hoboken. a nice little town. a lot to do in the little town and terrific transportation in and out of there normally. today it looks like they have a lot of water. hoboken will recover quickly, though, as it drains pretty well. a little bit more rain coming in. these are not live pictures but video that is coming in. it is my understanding new video that is coming in by the feet. okay. well, it is streaming live actually. so the water has not receded in hoboken just yet. more than 830,000 people without power in the state of maryland. but in new jersey, they are dealing with a lot of water. we will get you updated on the situation in hoboken as we get
11:29 am
a handle on things there in just a moment. continuing to watch the storm. i'm told we are minutes away from some rain again in new york city. the stormity self, though, head inside new england. and they are still warning people stay off the streets. stay away from areas with trees if at all possible because the high winds with some trees that are really shaky with so much sad saturated land could cause lotts of problems for you and yours. >> we will join doug mcelway down the shore. this is fox news channel's continuing coverage of what was hurricane irene. on a single tank of gas." the horsepower enthusiast says, "well, my s.u.v. has a v-6 engine with best-in-class towing and power." the punch line is they're both driving a dodge durango. the s.u.v. is back. right now, get $2,000 cash allowance
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>> shepard: new word just coming in from wall street. all of the markets will be open as usual tomorrow as you look live on the bull downtown. they consulted with the securities and exchange commission as i indicated a short time ago they would and despite tropical storm irene's impact on the east coast the securities and exchange
11:34 am
commission announced all markets including the new york stock exchange and the new york merc will be open for business as usual tomorrow. so they can go gambling away. doug mcelway in ocean city, michigan. you look a little more comfortable. >> a lot more comfortable down here today than it was last night. this is for all you folks in new york suffering a another rain band and folks up in southern new england. this is the light at the end of the tunnel. things dramatically improved in ocean city. delightful temperatures. low humidity. a soft gentle westerly breeze. and look at the surf. the surfers out en masse today. these are the conditions compared to what we saw here yesterday that surfers enjoy maybe once or twice in a season here. perfect rolling breakers and they are enjoying it. the beaches still closed to sim ers because the undertow
11:35 am
little strong but it is open to surfers. we got a sense at 1:00 a.m. that the damage is not going be as severe here as many had expected. we went out on our suv and perused the streets of ocean city. i couldn't find a single tree down, couldn't find any ponding of water. the electionity was on in most of ocean city. the back bay which people feared might flood was within its banks and woke up this morning to a about perfectly normal town to the point that emergency personnel were called back into town at 9:00 a.m. life guards called back into town. essential personnel called back into town and then the city itself was opened at 12 noon. i went down to the boardwalk and i couldn't believe how fast that business owners were taking boards off the windows. capitalism at work. they want to make money and get back to business as quickly as possible. that having been said, there was damage not far from here, a few miles up the road here some of the dunes were breached and
11:36 am
some roads were washed away. a little farther up the road than that in lewis delaware there was an aair rent -- in lewes, delaware, an apparent tornado that struck and damaged 7 homes. we will have pictures coming up shortly. this is what is heading your way. can't way for you to enjoy it as we are here today. >> shepard: can't wait. doug, thanks very much. still getting hit in a pretty good way in newport, rhode island. wind gusts in boston at 65 miles per hour. on the cape at 60 miles per hour. molly line in newport, rhode island. looks windy there, too, mols. >> not that southwesterly breeze that doug is enjoying in ocean city. still rocking the waves around here in the newport harbor. watching the boats and the last hour and a half things have really picked up. thought things were starting to taper off but not the case.
11:37 am
another band of strong wind and now the rain is picking up, too, as well. authorities are urging people to stay off the roads. not a lot of people heeding the warnings. we have seen a number of folks come down to take pictures. the warwick police also urged followings to stay inside. they say that their police and emergency personnel are having trouble getting from place to place. people are driving up to take a look at beaches. leaving cars on the streets to get a close are look at the beach and those cars are causing a problem for officials. power outages being seen all over the state. 160,000 to 170,000 people without power that the point in time. authorities say that could take hours if not a couple of days to get everybody back up and running. shep? >> shepard: molly line. we will check in with h her often as they clean off the camera lense. thanks very much. this is wnyw reporter dick
11:38 am
brennan out as world famous cone in island. looks like it survived. let's listen in. >> a little more windy but for the most part i think you guys are on the news are more impressive with your endurance because this is winding down a little bit. >> what about you, dominique? >> i want to see 20-foot waves but unfortunately they aren't here today. i don't know. >> reporter: a lot of people did show up because they want to see the waves. the parks department has been driving up and down back and forth and making sure that people don't go in the water. the red flags are up. there are people that always do it. wading in. not always a good idea. there is one other sign that things are maybe just starting to return to normal and that is businesses. some of them on the boardwalk are starting to open up. if boo he could zoom in over here. the grill steak shop just opened up about a half hour, 40 minutes ago. one are the few businesses we have been do going up and down the boardwalk for the last 20
11:39 am
hours or so. not just the boardwalk but all along the cone in island peninsula and we haven't seen a lot of restaurants open or diners. we have seen a couple of gas stations but slowly but surely things are coming a back to life. this is a quote unquote evacuation zone. could have fooled me. in the last 20 hours or so seemed to be plenty of people here. a lot of people said you know what, we are going to stick it out. it seems except for some people who have some bad flooding a lot of the people it worked out okay for them. back to you buy its. >> something about you and coney island and the young people reminded me of the film the warriors. remember warriors they had to make it all the way back to cone in island and then they were free but the guys thought they killed cyrus still had stuff in store for them. iif you are staying inside it s a great movie to rent. >> reporter: i don't now.
11:40 am
the movie. a movie sounds like a good idea. he was impressed with the news media's endurance as this thing is over. okay, we heard enough. let's pot them down. the news media is still around because we planned to be around so hi. we'll be here until the cows come home. rick reichmuth is in the extreme weather center. i make fun because, you know, you build up because we are in new york so obviously new york is the most important place on planet earth but they are still getting hit hard up in new england. >> they are. people get a little angry when stories get too much about new york but this was a new york story and a legitimate one. didn't have as big impacts from that kind of storm surge but you came close, the storm topping over the sea wall down in battery park. had that been another foot or two feet would have been bigger deal. on the eastern side you think it is done, it is dry. still windy across this area
11:41 am
and rainy there and one more batch of rain going to move across part is of jersey and philadelphia and in towards new york city. then we can watch it completely go away. heavy rain across parts of the adirondacks and parts of vermont and towards maine. 26 new york city. 37 jfk. 35 la guardia. towards the tip of long island, 40. the ma'am tons aren't reporting. falmouth, 63 miles and hour. very windy across cape cod and the islands still yet. also, very significant rainfall totals that are causing a lot of problems ayo across interior sections. the red is 4 to 8-inches. in some spots over 12. tuxedo park, new york, almost 1.5-inches. wayne, new jersey, 10.2. that kind of rain falling in short time on saturated ground causes all kinds of flooding and we knew that would happen
11:42 am
and that turned out to be the case. parts of pennsylvania, a lot of upstate or the northern part of jersey up towards the delaware water gap. and look at all of the counties. parts of maine. a lot of vermont, a lot of vermont. around massachusetts and the berkshires. the rain still falling at rapid rates and causing big problems for them still. >> shepard: rick reichmuth live in the fox extreme weather center. we are supposed to go a town break and we are going to. sea side heights new jersey is a place you might have heard of on that tv show and appears that they are coming back to sea side heights so the world is saved. we'll be right back in just a moment with continuing coverage of what is left of the storm. i'm shepard smith shepar. ohill nice to have you in. defends al constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. with the strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon.
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>> shepard: 14 minutes before the hour now. all kinds of new information coming in. you know that this storm first
11:47 am
hit in north carolina. and then the next word on official landfall was in new york city. but it really wasn't. the next landfall was in the state of new jersey. there wasn't much of one but t was a landfall and it was the first landfall for a hurricane in the state of new jersey in more than 100 years. in fact, over the last two centuries only two hurricanes have made landfall in new jersey. we made history again as everybody gets mad as the messenger. it made landfall in jersey. it was history. mike tobin is in rockaway beach in new york city. rockaway beach is one of the places about which we had a great deal of concern for flooding and all kinds of damage and i guess there was quite a considerable amount, mike. >> there certainly was. before i start talking about it let me give you one more look of the dramatic pictures of the angry surf whipped up by the storm. the waves huge. all of the foam kicked up and sea spray pulling off the top of the waves.
11:48 am
i can move on and show you the destruction pictures around here. a house in an area known as broad channel. a foundation of stilts that went down into the water and irene literally reached up with the storm surge and high tide and pulled the house off of the foundation and just devoured the house itself. if you look close at the big pile of debris you can see a boat has been tossed up against the house. also pictures of a jet ski that was deposited on the center of town when the flood waters receded and something you will see on just about every block is a tree that is down and the downed trees are the number one culprit for all of the different power outages. give you a breakdown of the power outages in the region out here. in new jersey, nearly 700,000 people are without power right now. it could take several days to restore therapier. in new york city alone, 111,000 people without power. in long island, several -- i
11:49 am
should say about 200,000 people right now are without power in long island. in connecticut, about half a million people are without power. and it is going to take at least until monday to start repairing the downed power lines. that is because the crews out in connecticut think it is too windy and just not safe to put those guys up on the cherry pickers report power lines until the wind dies down, shep. >> shepard: mike tobin live opt rockaways. 4.5 million without power on the east coast at one point or another. the man that represents some of the low lying area out there parts of brooklyn including cone in island, manhattan beach. dominik joins us on the line now. nice to talk to you, councilman. >> nice to talk to you, shep. >> a lot of flooding. >> the wave is are going to it continue to come in and what we are concerned about is that we can get all of this water out of cone in island. we have different parts
11:50 am
flooded. one of our firehouses went underwater on neptune avenue. they are trying to pump them out and next we will be heading to ships at bay to make sure they are all cleared out. as i can tell you this is just the beginning of hurricane season. >> i will say. the dep, department of environmental protection is out there. looking at live pictures of cone in island a short time ago. i was wondering in sheep's head bay and the other low lying area how much flooding is there and how many people are calling you go help. >> hundreds of people calling out there for help. unfortunately, we are trying to tell people not to go in the water. a few hours ago we had to rescue two wind surfers out on brighten beach who wanted to go wind surfing. today is not the day to go wind surfing. the mayor i think did an excellent job. he was well prepared for this hurricane and the police, the fire department and oem doing a really good job. and also the speaker kristine
11:51 am
quinn really made sure that everything was working fine because we have representatives at oem for the city council members to call in with their problems. we never had that before. >> shepard: that is true. the office of emergency management is the oem and busy office around here. the councilman for that part of the brooklyn. councilman recchia, nice to talk to you. we will get more local officials in and track the tell storm from new england up tok l canada. nice to have you in. ♪ in here, video games are not confined to screens. ♪ excuse me, hi. my grandfather lived in this village. [ woman speaking italian ] [ male announcer ] in here, everyone speaks the same language. ♪
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>> shepard: six minutes before 3 clock on the east coast of the united states. we watched throughout the night and the early parts of the the morning here a town called long beach on long island new york just to the east of the big city before you get out to the i guess famous areas. a lot of regular folks and good folks, firefighters and police officers have houses out there and a lot decided to stick it out last night. some got a rude awakening with the water this morning and a really rough surf. the long beach city councilman is on the line with us. former fdny himself, one of new york's bravest. nice to talk to you. how is your town? how are you doing in long beach
11:56 am
into the. >> quite a bit of flooding from wind damage. a lot of trees down. scattered power outages. few i think they had a few small fires today and just getting ready, i was just talking with the city manager and they have the public works commissioners and the different department supervisors out assessing and assigning crews with chainsaw crews and just getting everything to start getting ready to fix it this place up again. >> councilman, was it not as bad as or worse than you thought or about what you figured? what was it? >> i thought it was a little worse than i thought. i'm on the north side of the island and the water came very, very close to breaching the bulkhead and the south side of the island, you know, the water actually breached under the boardwalk and took down some cinder block walls.
11:57 am
>> shepard: and wind problems with your phone at the moment councilman. good to hear. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. ... premiering the revolution by lg. the newest release with verizon 4g lte. the first phone pre-loaded with access to netflix's massive movie library. powered by verizon 4g lte for an unparalleled streaming experience. see how mobile entertainment was meant to be seen. only with verizon 4g lte. now get the revolution by lg for $199.99 and receive 3 months of netflix free.
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